Past Games

arrow keys to move and jump Grab the ink bottle before its too late, but beware, anythin can become dangerous when the bell rings
Where do you go when you have nowhere to go? Help others find their belongings and maybe then you will find where you belong.
Use Tetrominos to repair bridges and platform your way through them!
D.O.G.G.O.S. Doggos On Glovos Global On The Sky This is a game about dogs living in the sky on their little houses trying to defend their homes! Left click To move Right click to drop a dog Tu
A game about convincing people to join to your cult, and ascend to the skies
You will be tested by the forces of the universe. Play through the elemental worlds and prove you are worthy.
All of us have our little rituals everyday, so what about doing them SUPER FAST! Use spacebar and your mouse to play this minigames ------------------------------------------------------------------

Hearty Games