Past Games

Each person brings a unique perspective to the world around them. In A Paper World you find yourself in a paper craft storybook world.
In 'Some Assembly Required', you play as a robot working in an industrial factory. At the heart of production lies the Power Core, which is used to energize all the machinations within the iron and steel laden foundry. In this top-down maze game, It's up to the player to navigate the treacherous corridors of the factory, avoiding perilous obstacles and ultimately reaching the Power Core to complete the manufacturing process and advance to the next floor. However, the Power Core is a fickle and unstable contraption, and pulses bursts of electricity throughout the factory every few seconds. These bursts affect its robot work force, accelerating or slowing them down based on their proximity to the Core. It's up to the player to guide their robot companion through the maze, using speed boosts from the Core to survive reflex-based obstacles, while simultaneously using strategic routes to ensure a safe arrival to the Power Core.