Past Games

Where I Belong is a minimalist, single player abstract puzzle platformer that uses visual storytelling. There's your daily serving of keyword soup sorted. It's short, calm, easy going.
You and your friends are on a space journey that has unfortunately become a rather bumpy one! Asteroids are on a collision course into your ship and you need to hold out as long as possible.
What started as a game about navigating shockwaves and earthquakes turned into a silly slapstick battle arena with top-heavy wibbly wobbly robots. WWWB is a local multiplayer party game playable wi
A routine trip to IKEA kept me from attending the Game Jam on time, and while there I got up to some fairly repetitive (almost ritualistic, you might say) activities.
*** WINNER - Epic Fail Award 2015 *** The best game jam game the judges never saw! Chaos Control is a simple game made difficult through simple obfuscation to make controls difficult.