Fpex Hideaki

Past Games

Print the single page material and play with your phone in this Augmented Reality Game ! You are the manager of a Lost & Found office for haunted objetcs in the virtual ghost realm. Help ghost
A man must repair his memories in order to remember what happend to him ...
Play with up to four friends and carry a safe zone through a maze to keep your friends safe while they protect you from zombies.
You want it? You hack it! With one of your dude, hack the system!Break into your bank account and get rich! It's a 2 player coop game, 1 with the hacker's secret techniques book and the o
A puzzle platform game, where Petraam a little rolling golem emit light pulses to see around him.
In this game, you have to use 2 characters to reach the end. The individual vision's concept inspired the team, the player see blocks, but the characters see their own vision of the stage.