Past Games

There is a feud between some light geniuses and you have to fix the neighbourhoods lights faster than the other. This is a mixed game, that is part digital and part board game, where the boards are
A game about finding what makes you feel like home.
The ultimate battle is about to begin! Death match battle for up to 4 players, transmit your commands to your bot and destroy your foes. Will you be the last one standing?
A game about stomping with gorillas, meant to be played by 8 players, 4 players using a control and other 4 using the arrow keys, but we instead used the Makey Makey to make controllers with bananas i
Follow Ekta (Apache for Unity) who in order to become an adult must follow her tribe's ritual. An adventure in which she must gather all the totems and defeat the obstacles on her path.
A 2 player cooperative game where you have to find your way out together!