Past Games

You are Cheddar. Mac is not playing with you. Mac is playing VR and walking a virtual dog.
In "Soft Dock", your lonely spaceship is orbiting around a soft planet... until you suddenly realize you're in voice comm range with another ship!
Two robots compete each other to be the first to transmit messages from Mars to Earth. Each player controls one robot.
Something cool with water waves : Brand new water sport with swimmers and jellyfish. 2 to 4 players, using 1 to 2 xbox controllers. 2 players share a controller. A player plays with a joyst
4 superstitious flatmates, sharing apartment with their worst nightmare. Don't be unlucky.
WaapDooBeeDoo is a FPRS (First Person Rhythm Shooter) in which players compite against each other in an arena. It is a free for all deathmatch.
A game that lets two players discover the same world from different perspectives. The game is turn based puzzle game and it is played cooperatively on the same machine. Turns last 10 seconds.
You’re a gear who must bring back to life the heart of the machine you belong to; your mission is clear, track a path to the heart of the machine, activating the elements you need to achieve this. The game mechanic consists on modifying your environment to trace a path until the level ends, by using a limited number of beats, present on the music. Modifying that rhythm activates different game elements such as pistons and gears, as the game goes. You have 2 minutes of music beats to beat the game. Controls: - Use any button to play the music. Each click makes the music play one beat. Mantaining the button pressed keeps the music playing. - R to restart.
A snake has eaten you and now you want revenge! \ \ Now you need to travel through the snake to make your way out of its body. \ \ \ \ Instructions: \ - Arrow keys to move and jump (space to jump as well) \ - Click on the direction you want to shoot in case that you have MiniMeatballs \ \ Recommended resolution: 1024*768 (4:3)