Past Games

Rescue a lost exotic pet from a damaged spaceship infested with strange beasts. Get treasure on the way. A two or three player push-your-luck digital boardgame.
Catch is a par based game in which the player tries to achieve the lowest score while bringing home all of their fish.
You have arrived at the world you selected to terraform as a home. However, the orbital scans have been unsuccessful due to interference in the transmission of data.
Vaporwave bats. What's not to love? You control a small bat trying to avoid harm while taking on predators in your home cave.
Guide the imp servants towards the ritual altar to revive the grand IMPress! A cute and cartoon style arcade game, with fun and simple controls.
Denizen Pop, ultimate mare, is being chased from her homeland by the nefarious Horse Burgerer. Help her escape his evil, meaty clutches by fleeing along the Giants' Causeway!

Hearty Games