Past Games

Hit other ginger kids with a pillow over 4 different worlds, careful to the daronne.
In a world where pension contributions threaten the future, a young man (no name yet) just found a solution. You are a little boy (still no name) and you have to yell in a mike to cause old people heart attacks. You have to yell behind and close enough otherwise the old man/woman will run after you and beat you. Game will stop provided that you kill everybody. In this demo, each person needs three heart attacks to die. You'll die if angry old men/women touch you too much. Angry people calm down if you leave the room. Colored square above a door indicates in which room the door leads. You have to yell at the appropriate level depending on the person. Please refer to the status bar under the mike level vu-meter viewable once you are close enough to a person (same level for everyone in this demo). See instructions / readme file to play
Mario(sonic ^^)like loop game. \ Finish the current round then restart it with your lasts ghosts. A ghost is one character played by you at a ith round ! \ You gain more speed at each round, your ith-1 ghost is a little slower. \ If you or one of your ghost touch you, you're dead and you've to restart the scenario, your highscore is recorded. \ Each scenario is infinite, your goal is to stay alive as long as possible. For example, at the 15th round you'll have to fight against 14 ghosts of your ghosts. The challenge is to think about your one futur, to be nice with your futur you, develop a strategy to allow as much as path for your futur rounds !