Past Games

You are an apothecary, and people from the village come to you, seeking for help in their everyday lives. It is your job to resolve their issues with powerful remedies and potions, from your grandma&
A 3 vs 1 game in which a spy team has to hack transmission areas to send stolen informations while remaining hidden from the hunter by blending into the crowd.
Blow in your microphone to push a toy boat in your bathtub, move the camera with your mouse. I wanted to make a VR game but I ended up not having enough time to add VR support.
Bring light upon the life of an unemployed game developer wandering in his flat. Tired of his daily routine, your quest is to find the new perfect ritual that shall makes him happier, at least for th
CO-CY is an arena shoot them up. Use your three scanners to reveal hidden enemies, but be careful, because each one of them hides one type of enemy.
The great wrestler El Conejo likes fighting, like... A LOT. He loves that so much that it is what makes his heart beat. By killing his enemies, his heartbeat grows faster, by being hit by them, it decreases. Attacking in rhythm with the heartbeat increases the score multiplicator ! Navigate to different rings to find the exit and access to the next level.
Your are the black dragon brave the others in a crazy online race.