Past Games

A journey into the world of dreams through lost memories.
Select the region of the world you want to play in and start to grow your tree to have an ecological impact.
You are the Factory. Chicken factory. Try to balance power obtained by feeding the chickens inside the generator waiting for the chance to break the cycle when the Prophet appers..
Repair your slowly breaking hot air balloon to reach the highest point and win in the annual race.
Hurry up, your mom is coming in 20 sec and the house looks like there was a party(which is true).
In house on the move you are in charge of moving houses around for your moving service company. Keep your clients happy, don't loose their home!
Wendy's Mansion is a game based on a test of courage between three friends set in a mansion haunted by monsters. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible without losing your life.
Un’avventura unica ed incredibile, grazie ad una lanterna magica il nostro piccolo eroe, trasmetterà la speranza all’uomo salvando così il mondo! An incredible adventure, with a magic lantern our l

Hearty Games