Past Games

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. Help her to find all of them.
Sacrifice yourself to become a new and better creature! Quit from your bad rituals and reach the skies!
Bots is a 2D sidescrolling shooter/platformer where the aim of the game is to escape the laboratory. Your character is a sentient robot that aims to escape his confines within this dark laboratory, w
This game do not have an unique objective, the player will be able to play the game the way he thinks the game should be played. Instructions: - Use the ARROWS to move - Use the CTRL to attack - U
You need to survive! Heal the Grunks who are trying to hold the wall. More heal less time it takes to pull you and the Grunks out of the stage. But be careful, if you heal only one Grunk... you will have a short life. To heal press H key near a Grunk, and follow the heartbeats using the arrow keys. If you die, you can restart by pressing R key.