Past Games

Our game is about searching in a house means to stop the evil that is holding hostage a boy and his dog.
It is a reflective game about repairing human history, jumping into the future every 1010 years. It is also a humble tribute to the music video 2525.
Nosso jogo trata de auxiliar pacientes com transtornos do espectro autista a se familiarizarem com rotinas relacionadas a organização do seu lar.
Esse jogo é simplesmente um simulador de ondas gravitacionais que influênciam em tudo na cena.O jogo consiste em dois mini jogos denominados de Cube Physics e Angry Gás. This game is simply a simul
A game in which you are a charmer of the most dangerous snakes that existed in the Aztec empire.
Um espírito que vaga sem rumo quer descobrir quem era quando vivo e o como morreu. Para que ele consiga se lembrar é necessário realizar um ritual com algumas relíquias que estão espalhadas em locais
You are the owner of a Horror House at a Theme Park! a Tower Defense game for you to scare the victims to Death by giving them a Heart Attack!! Choose from classic monster to use as your tower and buy better monsters as you progress.
This game is about to expand your influence across the land, through merchant operations with a caravan. This influence can be expanded by trading items in the cities, respecting the order that each player (up to four) visits a city. There are some factors that are considered to determine which player is winning, they are religion, that acts on a city level, politics, that acts on a regional level and money that acts on a global way.