Past Games

A rhythm multiplayer game where you'll need to cooperate with your rivals and battle with your friends. As you fight your inner self, you must find a way out of your musical mind.
Going someplace? Leave your bags safe with us. You’re on coat room duty, and that means collecting items from your alien customers and returning the right ones when they come back later.
A Grandma who helps people repair their clothes in hope to repair their hearts.
Home is a place where everyone you love and "hate" cluster together.
Hello, Operator! Allow me to personally welcome you to your new job at Transcom! We have the trusted responsibility of making sure that messages go from the SENDER to the intended RECIPIENT.
Seymour the dog is looking for someone... Help Seymour navigate through a mysterious cave and discover possible endings! As the cave is very dark, you may ask Seymour to bark and detect the cave
You're the Dance Master of 2016! But apparently, not everyone thinks that way... So you are going to show them who's the best! Press the corresponding numbers to perform your moves!
A trio who wants to get out of town. However the only way to get out is to either be the last man standing or earn enough money to bribe his way out.
Face off against your friend on your smart device; one of you plays a dog walker trying to take a leisurely stroll and the other plays the dog, determined to chase down every car, person, and small fu

Hearty Games