Past Games

....Maybe we can mend things back.
In a desolated landscape, you must find what you've lost, and become whole once more.
The hero finally beat the last boss! But it didn't feel right... Now he must go the whole way back, back home.
This pile of documents and letters speaks of a time long gone and facts long forgotten. Yet you're strangely drawn to them. To something that needs to be found. To someone that wants to be heard.
"Flor de Sertão" is a side scroller game that tells the story of a "jagunço" named Sebastião, and his journey of self discovery.
An experience about your senses, your world and everything in between...
One core to protect, one ring as a shield, enemies from all sides. Use your reflext and strategy to spin the shield to the right positions and protect your core. \ \ ..But beware. Mistakes can cost more than you think...
Game para plataforma android.
Shinobi Lemonade is a deceptive game of reflexes and fast reaction time. You are a lime-ninja-in-training that must evade thrown shurikens... but beware: nothing is as easy as it seems.