Past Games

In this game you have to compete with the other players to catch the artifact. While holding the artifact you'll score. If someone hits you, he/she will steal it from you.
Multiplayer "rhythmic" game. You can play from 1-4 players. 3-4 players most recommended. All players use the same keyboard.
Multiplayer party game (2-4 players) about repairing a vehicle with a steampunk style using resources scattered throughout the stage.
Eres un pecesito que acaba de alejarse de su Cardumen (su HOGAR). Si no quieres pedecer solitariamente miserable, te recomendamos que lo alcances. ¡Cuidado! La sociedad humana puede no ser tu aliado.
One player moves, the other protects him shooting at the deathly lava stones.
You are a treasure hunter, lost in a terrible darkness labyrinth. Your objective is to catch as many relics as you can. Be careful with the wandering wraiths and the changing walls.
Help Loyo go through different paintings based on Wassily Kandinsky's art. It's not a traditional game.
It's all about perspective
A race where the players run in the same scenario, but is different for each of the racers.
It's a platform android videogame of a single screen with no scrolling where the objective is to kill the beating heart. As you hit the heart, lots of enemy minions fall down and the frecuency of the heartbeat increments. Initially it was going to be a 4-player competing game for giving the last hit to the heart, but we lacked of time.

Hearty Games