Past Games

VR Just Dance with Kawaii Metal. You are a dancer on a kawaii metal band with H. R. Giger's aesthetic. You have to follow the dance steps to win.
Competitive party game for 4 players. Four neighbors needs to finish their respective homes. Sadly the materials aviables for construction are not enough for everyone.
A Mechanical Swallow came from outer space to abduct as many humans as it can, but pigeons keeps getting in the way. Try to capture as many humans as you can while avoiding all the annoying pigeons.
A simple game that allows you to practice shifting gears in a manual shift gearbox. Press 'w' 'a' 's' 'd' to move, press 'q' to quit!
Demonios de otra dimensión, específicamente la segunda dimensión, han invadido la tierra debes sacrificarlos en un anti-ritual para invocar bebés, y de esta forma salvar nuestra dimensión. -Acelerar:
Juego re flashero donde tenes que escapar de tu realidad(esposa, trabajo, etc) para lograr vivir en tu locura
This is a first-person adventure game where the main objective is to find the way to the inner garden that lies within the heart of the labyrinth. You have 5 minutes to complete the objective. If you take too long, you die, if you rush...well, its up to you to find out.

Hearty Games