Past Games

A bundle of Videogame and Physical Game: ------------------ -Videogame (for Mac and Windows): How to play: Move with W, A, S, D. Use the spacebar to hug the unsatisfied people (yellow
Tell a bedtime story to your child and see what happens the morning after.
Do you feel loneliness, don't know where your life is going? Let me help you. I will analyze your personality and tell you how I find you.
A runner where you don't jump, you just get angry. Could you manage your mood to overcame the challenge?
A card game where the players need to dress an unknown person of strange characteristics.
Run and confront different obstacles with your mood swings.
You know you shouldn't take drugs... but can you resist when the end justify the means? Beat'em Up with multiple endings and a twist in the HP management: the fury bar indicates your health and strenght at the same time.
Things can happen or not in this first person adventure in the dark. Can you stand the anxiety?