Past Games

Local Multiplayer Asymmetrical Arena Party game, in which opera Music players fight each other using their musical instruments
Boogie Bird is fixed on the most important task of all, to dance until his feathers drop.
Grey Area is a two player (network) racing game, in which the players can run on every surface they see. Get to the exit as fast as possible and colour the rooms in your colour to win.
Dropbox link while sorting out the global game jam download error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8m9cnkent646mg/MightyMoods.zip Apparently chrome users get a weird error when trying to download the sou
Run for your life, but take it easy! Certain death awaits those who let their heart rate climb too quickly, or plummet. Keep the pace going by leaping over heights, or relax to let your red champion calm down.