Past Games

This is a very abstract-type game, which plays on a give-and-take-and-deceive concept. The objective is to get either of the opponent's stat bars empty before they do so to yours.
A collection of unfinished card game prototypes that remix the classic card game Memory (a.k.a.
You're a housekeeper in an apartment. It's full of ghosts who can't see each other. The place is full of stuff they all see. They keep misplacing this stuff. There's someone el
A game about a small, corrupt guild vying over the control of a poor repair bot.
Home is where people come over Concept: get your studio apartment ready, because someone is coming over soon!
A tabletop game where players send and intercept messages.
A sort of rhythm game where 4 players in 2 teams try to help their animals blend into a crowd at a stadium.
Welcome to Earth dear gods! Your loyal followers dance as you enter the portal.
A game with lots of care. And love. And Grulf.
A weird multiplayer game.
Appease your naga overlord! Players take turns trying to destroy their opponent's temples while building and keeping their own intact.

Hearty Games