Past Games

Good Night Fantasy is a Top Down RPG game inspired by Omori, Mad Father, Ib, Dreaming Mary and Mother3 and takes the pixel graphics typical of the 2000s.
Uchto is a 2dplatform in which your goal is to find all collectables to open the door and fight against the Final Boss.
Il protagonista si ritrova in un mondo fantasy dove viene posseduto da un fantasma. Lo scopo del gioco è di ritrovare un oggetto rubato al protagonista.
The game is about a witch that have the power to change the world around by switching day/night and backwards!
Help Medusa get out of the dungeon in which she was imprisoned by humans, for fear of her petrification powers. Which side of her will prevail?
The game tells the story of Víkingur, a Viking who died in battle who was banished from his city for various crimes during his lifetime, acquiring the nickname Skogarmaor. Because of this he has lost
Aranel's Tale is a third-person Iconic Cartoon-style Platform game inspired by Super Mario 64, Don't Starve and Crash Bandicoot. In the beginning, the Witch will come out of nowhere from a
Inkubo is platform action game which a writer fights his past memory monsters to regain his lost inspiration to write books.
Night Light is a cartoon-style 3D graphics RPG. The player will have to take on the role of Astrid, an 8-year-old girl who will have to help the star Vincent find a way to return home.
Covid-19 has changed the way we see the world and Unfrogatable Voice is proof of that! Let's say enough to the usual fascinating principles ... Herbert, our protagonist frog, will transport you
ITA- "AD LUCEM" è un gioco che vuole immergere il giocatore in una realtà fantasy e medievale che, in modo metaforico, rappresenta lo stato d'animo del protagonista chiuso in se stesso,
A first person interactive adventure