Past Games

A puzzle dungeon game inspired by The Adventures of Lolo, built using and Tiled.
Intrepid adventurer Chad discovers gold among the ocean's crashing waves, but can he avoid being swept out to sea?
Encroaching darkness is a race against Death himself while you collect materials to brew potions to summon your Savior... but what side will you choose?
The game is a top-down horror themed maze. Little kid dealing with nightmares and trying to conquer them. Nightmares symbolized by monsters/ghosts under the bed and in the closet. You need to face your fears by actually seeking out the ghosts and luring them to chase you at which point you start amassing fear and increase your heart rate. When your fear is high enough you lead the ghosts to the fireplace which is your safe and comfort zone. The fireplace feeds on your fear and obliterates the ghosts through a blast of fire and warmth. The number of ghosts and the maze increases in difficulty accordingly...