Past Games

In this heart-thumping nuclear power plant manager, ensure you don't lose your power output while finding the balance of your hopeless employees. Drag and drop your flailing employees to repair
Live the life of a telephone operator in the mid twentieth century, connecting the calls of the residents of your small midwestern town. Game Loop: 1. Wait for an incoming call 2.
What does home mean to you? Obviously, it means: To move or be aimed towards with great accuracy. You must home the pigeon.
This game is about multitasking. Drive a car in a city environment while listening to a person on a phone giving you directions. Keep the transmission clear by fiddling with the phone controls.
You are a small yellow submarine with a broken sonar at the bottom of the ocean. While one of you is controlling the submarine, the other player is keeping up the rhythm to let the sonar turn.

Hearty Games