Past Games

It is about a legendary repairman that remote control a robot with VR to repair the famous mech: DLLM-3000 In this vr game you can climb wherever you want, interact with the environment and enjoy the
Your partner wants to get married to you soon and he/she wants a sweet home for two.
Extraction of the top secret files......from H drive. File transfer is the transmission of a computer file through a communication channel from one computer system to another.
* * * * Super Multiplayer Award of GGJHK 2017 * * * * “Love Waves” is a multiplayer game in which 4 players compete with each other to show off their guts in front of the WAVES to win the girls’ L
* * * * Best Gameplay Award of GGJHK 2016 * * * * "Happy R.I.P.