Eric Rogers

Past Games

Dual Defenders was create on an in-house game engine, Canis. In this game, the player controls two space ships that are protecting their planet from an endless meteor shower.
You are a newly hatched fish, you know you need to find your mom. She must be deeper down, but you'll need to get bigger if you expect to make it down without being eaten yourself.
You think a guy can just steal a castle and everything be okay right?! WWWWEEELLLLLL, not so much. But hey that's fine, I got this.
Suffering from anxiety Emily has finally worked up the courage to face the danger of the super market. Also she's out of food so she kind of has to go.
The future looks dark for the order of the mages. Protect the sacred texts from invaders wanting to destroy our way of life.
A game based on the color spectrum. The game takes players through darkness, finding light at the center of the Hub, the facilities central location.