Past Games

Teo's heart is broken because he decided to do a pact with a demon to obtain an elemental power. In order to rebuild his heart, he has to solve some quests of kindness.
"Maybe you know my cousin, the guy dressed in red and blue who goes around jumping on the back of turtles and eating mushrooms ... Well, I'm a serious worker!
Immagine loosing your house. This is Dislocated, a platform game where you have to find a new home.
Do you want to transmit your DNA to the next generations? Critter is a survival game inspired by the dating site Tinder, in which you will have to find the ideal companion and ensure that your geneti
Kamashin is an Endless Sandbox Survival RTS in whom you have to manage the construction of a sand village. Drag & drop the sand and populate the sand blocks to increase max population, but don&