Past Games

Bathtime has come, and the pirate toys want to pull its plug! They want to drain the tub to reach the fabled riches beneath the bubbly surface. But the rubber duckies aren't ready for bath
Grab your strongest musical instrument! this punk bitch band is on a quest to save their drummer kidnapped from Satan! Battle swarms of demons and the undead.
Contort the fingers and orient the palm of the hand, to fill in the shape shown. Don't tug too hard!
Heartstrung is a two player competitive game with a retro arcade feel. Two hearts are both metaphorically and physically tied together, while words and sentences fall to hint the struggles of their relationship. The heartbeat is represented by the world itself: a dynamic cardiogram heart monitor machine. The letters are physics objects, either collected for points, or collided to strategically nudge the other player's letters away. The experience is open to interpretation, especially the ending.