Past Games

Chase the escapers who should be home quarantine! Induce red people to ambulance and avoid they to near white people.​ P1: Move: WSAD, Item: Q P2: Move: ↑↓←→, Item: Right Shift 居家隔離者逃跑了!趕快把他們
啊~~~我最愛的偶像要開演唱會了! 我...我..我一定要見他一面!!! 衝啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊~~! prprprprprprprprprprprprprpr ======================================== 操控主角闖過人群,假裝自己是認真認份的好觀眾,別被警衛發現。 衝上舞台見自己的偶像吧!
It's a racing game between an Grandma and a cockroach-man. They are fighting for the delicious vegetables in the market(the goal).