Enzo March

Past Games

Choose whether to attack or defend
Cansado de ser taxado, Jadilson, um humilde motoboy, decide que chegou a hora de fazer algo: Invadir a Receita Federal. Armado somente com algum dinheiro, para usar de propina, ele decide que chego
Peter needs your help to rebuild the path that is in poor condition. Choose the best options available, avoiding waste of resources ... good luck ...
Defeat your opponent in a pvp shooting game where you are a slug in search of sovereignty ..
Find the transmission signal to send the information packet to the base on planet earth
In this game, you are a bat that need to survive in a dangerous place. Fly in an enclosed place using your positioning sensor and avoid facing the unexpected.
An evil Jammer decides to expel the soul of your competitors for their bodies to be the one to deliver their game in GGJ 2016. And you must prevent this from occurring recovering these souls.
A fun game where the ritual to keep running you need to have rhythm and timing
You play as the king's helper, recovering some lost items stolen from him on a prision break.
In this game you are a courier pigeon on a war with the mission to delivery a important letter The Pigeon see the things of world on a more nature way, but when you see close you see the true face

Hearty Games