Enrique Oropeza

Past Games

Fly in a song from The Fat Rat. Left you go up, right you go down. Be aware, you can fly out the tunnel and get lost until the next step. ¡A game made in less than 14 hours!
A game about connections with a strong music presence .
2 Players game where you have to heal the injuried body! PANIC! don't let it bleed out!
This is a game about a little fella who wants to be home. Avoid meteorites to make your way home and use the adversities at your advantage.
Try to infest all the archives you can but be careful! Intercept the transmission before the antivirus ends its scanning. Once the antivirus ends, the game is over.
An inmersive VR experience based on puzzles, where the player has to find the way to transmit a sound wave through transmitter stones to the totem receiver
It shows the story of a Young man who, according to its villages traditions, has to survive by himself in the depts of a forest, in order to be considered a man and not just a teen.

Hearty Games