Enrique Klein

Past Games

Wish you were here is a 2D top down short narrative game where a couple is separated and their goal is to reunite with each other. Home is where your significant other is.
Adjust TV antenna to find different TV channels and satisfy the whole family during a TV evening. Best played with our proprietary 'アンテナ360 4-axis Analog Antenna Controller', but can also
Oleaje Anómalo es un juego de mesa de supervivencia para 2-3 jugadores en el que eres un colonizador espacial que ha llegado con dos droides al planeta hostil llamado LGJ-2201.
Escape from Zartakla! is a 2-player co-op puzzle adventure game set in Zartakla Prison where players play as Afro and Su Lee, two convicted women trying to escape through an underground tunnel.