Past Games

Pirate Bêêêh is a third-person shooter, where you play a pirate sheep and pick up wool ball to shoot your opponent with !
Play Francine, a no mercy pirate. Find buried treasures before the other. Throw treasure to other to stun them and stole their loot.
Neron is a minimalist mobile game where your agility is tested! Tap the right color at the right moment to construct concentric circles and score points!
A homeless man is trying to build a home with what others discard. As he travels through this realm of fantasy he collects materials, and fends of critters. Can he truly make a place to call home?
Flower is a 2D strategy game about four factions making war. Expend your territory and transmit your corruption to the entire world.
Elison is a boy with thunder power. Fight ButterSnakes waves in an abandonned Laboratory.
It's a game about violence, soldiers fightning for their country. They use some kinds of rituals to ask god to give them potatoes...

Hearty Games