Past Games

Welcome to Trimbo, the tree limbo, where naughty squirrels and other forest creatures are sent to atone for their misdeeds. Here you meet Yggdrasil, your guide.
Use a flute to find vegetables and allure them pied piper style to dinner.
Live your childhood dream of digging a hole to China and impressing your dad.
Roommate, Friends, or Lovers. Two people sharing one living space. The blend of personalities finding harmony in space.
A game about the struggle to wake up, get up, and get out there.
One hero's power is not enough.
Sal the Satellite Dish's pals have lost control of their minds! It's up to him stop the UNCHILL WAVES that have corrupted them by transmitting CHILL WAVES from his dish-shaped head!
A cute game of bathtime fun. Plug the leaks before you drown. Stay afloat until the time runs out to advance.
Work with friends to make waves and score lots of points ;3