Past Games

You repair people by unrepairing other people.
Collaborate in a desert, escape from the fierce wildlife and gather resources to build a Haima before nightfall. 4-players, controller required. Rated E for Entertaining.
Breed cute creatures, make them work in mines until they starve or sell them as slaves.
A multiplayer game about rolling down a slope. Up to 10 players can join the game using a smartphone or web browser for maximum awesomeness.
Prepare magic recipes by mixing the correct ingredients.
-A game about building games! -Craft your own experience! -Many ways to play! -Unique art style! -Defeat the boss to win the game!
This is a motion controlled platform game with a contra-operative gameplay.
Moebii is a columns-like puzzle game built along a moebius strip. \ The game can be played single player or multiplayer connected to another Moebii or to a NyanSnake game. \ Survive as long as you can!
Snake game with free movement (no grid-aligned) and single or multi-player.
Jump and run as far as you can.