Past Games

Fix N Fight is a fine little Crafting Game in which two players will compete against each other in an epic robot fight. While fighting your robot will be damaged and must be repaired.
What is the meaning of Home in a world wich is flooded by bloody, hungry Zombies??? A safe Place to live. Fight for it and keep the Zombies out of youre F@#k!ng home.
You wanna satisfy your customer with epic food and deliver bitcoins with it? Then try now, the best game of the universe. Deliver prefered courts from customer and create it with specially foods.
PondPounding is kind of an arcade game for two players. Each of them leads a duck to the goal by throwing a stone into the pond. Then the waves navigate the duck into the right direction.
Tlaloc is an atmospheric climb 'n' run-puzzle-game set in the Aztecan culture. After you survive your sacrifice ceremony you arrive in a bizarre world.