Past Games

My giant human flatmate has been feeling down lately. He hasn't left his couch in days... I'm worried about him. Let's try and cheer him up together, shall we? A 3D platformer.
What a pity, Princess Welda is missing! Our plumber has pipes to fix and leaks to plug so he's not about to let himself get distracted from his job for some sidequest.
Coloc Duty is a collaborative and competitive online deckbuilding game about room sharing and community life. Maintain your flat's mood and hygiene, and be the last to pay the rent.
Buy creatures and make them fight in the pit for your wicked pleasure. Train them, kill them, merge them. Become the very best and win a trip to the Bahamars.
"On a stormy night, at Lumberjack Jacques's house..." A game of exploration, adventure and combat. http://sparklinlabs.itch.io/lumberjack
Play with a mouse and your browser at http://gudul.sparklinlabs.com!
Deep in the enchanted forest, four octopillars are playing around when they stumble upon the skeleton of the legendary turtolosaurus, Karkass. As one of them revives the giant corpse, it becomes drun
You play as a little girl chased by zombies. There's no time to waste: run and grab whatever weapon you can to keep them from reaching you, but make sure to keep your stress in check by hugging teddybears and eating lollipops every once in a while!

Hearty Games