Eliot Leo Carney-Seim

Past Games

Rebuild your snowman before the opponent does!
Go head to head against another player in this intense 1v1 competition as you complete 3 mini games revolving around floor repairs for a rundown hotel as you work your way to the top of a hotel.
Take a short personality test to determine which of the 9 personality types in-game that match you the most!
Download Latest: https://goo.gl/Zrvs8J Play as a bat or a moth (AKA a Snack!) in this fast-paced online multiplayer game.
Spawn in a large online multiplayer environment. Wave at friends, punch unfriendlies. Controls are like skiing, Tribes style (Left Shift to toggle). Q and E for Waving Hello or Punching.
Red clan worships a god that loves killing others. Blue clan worships a god that loves killing yourself. Play as Blue and try to kill yourself before Red kills you first.
For 2+ players. Players take turns controlling a robotic survivor trapped on a desert island.
Each Player in this multiplayer 3rd person game is an assassin identical to every other player, and NPC bot in a crowd of 20 people.