Past Games

Using WSAD you must touch and possess your enemies of the opposite color before your time runs out! When enemies of the same color hit you, it takes some of your time away. When you take over a
Fly through a starfield to find the person you've lost. Click to move your ship, avoid obstacles, and click on the beat to regain heal.
Our platformer is broken, so it's your job to fix it! Use A and D to move left/right and use space to jump. Click on objects and a terminal to manipulate its properties.
Hoard From Hell is a game about finally overcoming a large challenge, defeating a great foe, and the long-awaited journey back home.
A DOOM mod about a disgruntled IMPloyee... This is our first mod for DOOM/GZDoom, it was pretty intense to learn all this during the jam! We had a few things we didn't quite get hooked up i
Combo is a game in which three players work together to achieve a common goal. The catch is that every now and then, the controls swap, causing a typical "What do we do now?" experience.