Elena Fernández

Past Games

Find your way in this hectic and colorful race
Scientist have found the Vaccine for all Diseases! … but doses got lost in the Maze of all Distresses :-( NO FEAR! Politicians have arrived in a quest... for the Ultimate Immunity!
You are the organizer of the Global Game Jam. The goal is to end up the Jam with the highest number of games and the highest quality.
Crazy and quick game that changes from a a hidden and seek to a Trone. You can be at home and be safe but be care fully, your home spaces are switching places all the time.
Find out the buttons matching the proper runes in order to save the life of the innocent victim... *Thanks to José Luis Herrero for his support with music and sound fx!!
2D Runner about how your eyes cheats you. Game Instructions: Left click: jump | Double left click: double jump | Maintain left click: go up | Maintain right click: bend down

Hearty Games