Past Games

N.E.V.A. is a game focused on movement and exploration. You play as a N.E.V.A. (Navigation and Exploration Vehicular Automaton), a cute robot whose capsule burst on entry into a new planet.
A short adventure exploration game set in a quiet and peaceful cemetery. Help Maria find and help wandering ghosts by looking for their lost items using the Ghosty Comm 3000.
A co-op game where 2 friends help people in a colorful world. The players must find the missing pieces of people and bring them back to make them happy again.
[1/31/16, 3:55 PM] tonia beglari ([email protected]): Absurdifying ritual through ritual absurdity. Rethink your everyday actions with this dazzling elevator sim! Who will board next?
Dame Salsa is a dancing game that interacts with Arduino via Uniduino in Unity. It uses an IR sensor to measure players’ proximity.

Hearty Games