Past Games

You control a White Blood Cell (globulos blancos in spanish).
4 brothers battle it out on an arena, each trying to take over their other's house locations. Control all 4 house locations and destroy other players to win.
2 player game in which a ghost must guide a human to solve the mystery of an abandoned NY apartment (by solving puzzles).
Intrepid adventurer Chad discovers gold among the ocean's crashing waves, but can he avoid being swept out to sea?
Play as a monk walking on a cube-shaped world to bring it back to life. - Use the arrow keys to move - Move over the edge of the world to rotate - Walk over dirt to bloom mushrooms and trees R
Combate de Kaijus y Mech´s
Click, click and click, you just gotta keep clicking to keep the dog alive. We did this after we failed with our original idea following the theme.