Past Games

Stuck in Sims is a Multiplayer VR parody where one player is stuck in Sims, and the other player is playing a management game like Sims.
You were on your way to a peaceful trip far from the chaos of routine life. You set up a tent on a fairly calm spot and went to sleep, only to be woken by the seemingly crying screams.
People come to your TV-show to find their true love! Listen to their instruction and match them with the right person. Repair their hearts! Fix people up!
A game about an old man with memory problems trying to find his wife after he wakes up.
In this 2000's sci-fi influenced puzzle game, player tries to find his/her way out of the locked compound.
It is about an old man, voyaging through the lost city where he was raised; wishing for the warm colours of the rainbow to shine down from the sun once again.
Rite is a resource management game depending on cultural heritage of Aztec civilization.
Endless ritual game, where the ancient tribe must sacrifice the chosen ones in order to survive the night. It's not important where you start, but it's obvious that it matters.
You take control of the second-hand of an analog clock and collect numbers while it moves around. The game is basically an endless runner where the player needs to survive as long as they can.