Past Games

An FMV game about the annual ritual of attending the Global Game Jam, and using the inspiration in the air to fuel game creation. This build is a demo of sorts, for the full game to come.
Collect herbs and items to create instant use potions to heal/help or hinder
Quality control is a game about needing to know what to do next and following the instructions. It's also about some other things which I hope you can discover.
A game without graphics, where you need to find your way through the puzzles to the exit dodging hazards along the way.
How can you possibly eat your tasty tasty meal without utensils?
Me vs Me is a competitive hot-seat game. Players take turns controlling the one character, a gummy bear roaming across a giant birthday cake.
Local 2-4 player 2D arena game, designed to be played with XBOX controllers. Split-screen gameplay with a bit of mystery.
Jessie embarks on a perilous journey to retrieve the missing night light! #ggj14