Past Games

What’s that racket?! Your target is a homebody who is just trying to relax around their house, but all the bustling noise from the outside world is making it difficult to concentrate!
Two players pilot a giant robot to protect a country from monsters. The Robot operator holds the controller or keyboard and sits so they can't see the monitor screen.
It's time to engage in the experience of an immersive world of social media... this time in Virtual Reality... :) Complete your typical daily rituals of liking, friending, and sharing...
An artichoke follows its heart in search of its beet.
Find the heart of the maze, combining both visual maze and an invisible maze.
In this game, you're trying to get home across the city. Along the way there are intimidating threats that cause your heartbeat to increase. The faster your heartbeats, the less you can see. There are also safe places positioned around the city. The idea is to make it home by avoiding threats and seeking out safe zones. This game models the everyday experience of many people around the world, who have to deal with hostile comments and the threat of violence, simply for existing in public.
Defeat the enemies of punk and take down the establishment! Save punk from death!
In 'The Hunt Alone' the player takes on the role of a neanderthal stalking dangerous prey in a dark rainy forest. There very little visuals and the player must navigate the world almost entirely via audio cues provided by headphones.