Past Games

A bold fast paced visually stunning hack n slash platforming tower climb! Controls Move Left - A Move Right - D Jump - Space Bar Attack - Left Mouse Dodge Roll - Right Mouse Pause - Escape
A spaceship full of wacky Space OSHA violations and the hapless inspector in charge of trying to fix them all and keep everyone alive. WASD or arrow keys to move; Press E to remove hazards; Hold E to
Race against the clock to relieve yourself in the comfort of your own home in a wacky cartoon world. Clinchman can collect power-ups like antacids and adult diapers.
In this game you spread happiness to people by using certain items. W, A, S, D keys to move around, Q to teleport to different areas, and E/Spacebar/Enter to interact with people and purchase items.
Do you feel like everyday of your life you're just completing the same old ritual? Of course you do!
After a hard day of tomb robbing, it's time to take a load off your feet. Sitting on a fairy flower is not recommended.
You just defeated the Big Bad, and you got the best loot in the game. However, through some rune the final boss has, you now have amnesia.