Past Games

You are a delivery ship pilot strained in a defectuous ship, he calls support for help... This is a two-player game so make sure to read through this document and guide the second player (Please fi
A Cooperative Multiplayer trading card game where the two players (Sages) place elemental cards on a Ritual Circle to achieve the perfect balance and save their Land from corruption.
After Mario Saves the princess, he has no goals, and no reason to be. So he tries everything to do something exciting and all this happens after he asks himself: what do i do now ?
p-36 is about a patient with mental disabilities trying to escape the asylum he's residing in.
The game is about a lonely shadow who stole the heart of his master, so he could feel human emotions and to be free in the material world BUT, after getting human heart, he begun to face all the ennemies of emotions created from the cold and radical dictator ... the Mind, who control all the conscious world and eliminate everythings related to emotions The player must mantains the heart balance of the shadow by clicking on the bouton "Space", if the jauge atteind the max, then the heart explode, on inverse, if the player stop cliking the heart stop shaking and the player must repeat from the begining. To jump, the player must shout on his/her microphone to scare the character so he jumps :3 That's all folks

Hearty Games