Past Games

Rebuild a house with various brick shapes that may not always fit together the way you would like!
A puzzle game about sending a transmission by linking stars together, and transforming the music.
Manage your agency from your control centre, transmitting orders to each of your agents. Assign agents to missions and try to figure out who is a double agent.
You're a frog. Debris is coming down the river, the amount and variations dictated by the music playing. Use your mouse to dodge! If you dodge them, you get points.
Sitting around the Inti's totem pole on a full moon's night.
A (local) multiplayer game where you try discover and activate the secret ritual that will summon doom for your opponents.
An ancient machine controls the weather and its creators are long gone. You must perform the ritual and come to understand its workings to save your crops.
Co-op backstabby tiny man game. 4 people play on JUST ONE Xbox controller!! Or keyboard, if you must. Beware of the surprising controls if you bump into your fellow dwarves!