Past Games

Magic word to fix the world! Wolololo!
Game about a snail that likes to go fast. Ślimak, ślimak - wystaw rogi, dam Ci syra - na pierogi, żebyś śliski był i szybki żebyś dziś pokonał wszystki-ch.
Escape from secret research facility, collaborating with unexpected ally. Short instruction that is missed in the game, becouse of lack in time on Jam 1. To play you need at least 2 persons.
You're a powerful Necromancer just one ritual and you will summon an undead dragon. But, something went wrong... Now run from this pink happiness! But watch out ! Your dungeon is against you !
You are highly profiled medieval monk - exorcist. Perform the ritual, so as to exorcise ghosts out of the cemetery. Light candles nearby activated monuments to take control over the graveyard.
This story, as many stories do, starts with a mistake made out of curiosity. What would you do, if you found an ancient amulet glowing ominously in the Magical University's library?