Dr Doctum Doces

Past Games

Crocs Among Props is a 3D platform situated in an attic, you're a Croc (single), looking for their croc-mate, misteriously gone since the night before. It's also 1980, close your eyes, th
404 memories not found is a platform setin a Sci-Fi world. You impersonate an almost formatted police robot who has to regain his ordinary skills to completete his last assignment.
Deliver some objects to the right person to repair their bond. Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys to move around Spacebar to interact Escape to go back Alt+F4 to quit Controller supported!
Our game is about switching between parallel universes as "Medio Man", a man, but totally average. You'll have to dodge and jump obstacles in order to go to work.
A game about menage your group of jammers!! (only italian support)