Past Games

This is an adventure in setting up the development platform for Oculus Quest on Unreal (FAILED!) and Unity (Partially successful!), but ultimately not creating anything.
Home is different for all. It's not a place, home comes from within. Home is a sense that develops though the experiences that sculpt, making home within.
Twine-based, interactive narrative on Parenthood, Home, and Loss
Trump Wave - as in Mexican, as in Stand Off! This is a Sifteo v1 game, using the first generation of Sifteo Cubes, although there is a simulator you can use with a little work installing things. T
This is a dark game, based in a Flat Land where religious differences spill over into conflict with the terrorist organisation, the Polyban, followers of al-Gebra'da.
Board game inspired by Snake and developed from a rough idea by Jamie, rules and game play and test art by Dr. Mike and nice fancy art by Kate and Jason.
This is an homage to Desert Bus, but from the bug's perspective