Past Games

You are already in the GAME! You are CHOOSEN. Try add as many participants as You can. Don't worry, they cannot remove themselfs, but beware...
Not all things should be found! Three essential items need to escape before owners will find them! Three different movement patterns, three different skills. Hide under furnitures, block pipe i
Alone intern in space. Short FPP game focusing around fixing broken parts of the spaceship.
Home is about stability. Great party game, you only need PC for display and smartphones as gamepads for unlimited amount of players!
Goblins! Your ancient King found old scissors under the throne and he is going to use them!!! The time of cutting is upon us! Stop running and hiding, fools!
Lonely penguins are drifting on single floe in savage, pre-global warming world. Will you help them survive? Oh, and bring friends! You can cooperate in exciting hot-seat mode.